I have so many people say to me "I can't paint" well it is not true, everyone is creative you just need to believe in yourself, have a go, fearlessly pick up a paintbrush and try!  By the end of my workshops, one thing everyone has in common is that they have managed to amaze themselves.

Choose from weekly classes or one day workshops.

If you haven't painted since being at school, that's OK, I am here to help you all the way.  I begin each workshop with a live demonstration and I will encourage you to paint in your own style.  I will share with you my personal painting process and will encourage you to view images and translate what you see in your own special way.  I am passionate about colour and will show you how to use it to enhance your work.  I will encourage you to try new things, and push your out of your comfort zone by experimenting with new techniques.  As a teacher I am generous in sharing knowledge and provide you with a happy, fun environment with like minded people.  

During the term you will learn:

  • About capturing the perfect composition
  • Using the correct colour palette
  • How to capture brilliant light into your paintings and create wonderful depth from a good understanding of colour, tone, perspective and form.
  • How to use shadows to create undulating waves, understanding what colours to use for creating wet and dry sand, adding footprints in the sand and the various techniques for plant foliage depending on the season and time of day.
  • The way to create dynamic waves, the use of shadow and light to capture various wave formations and painting the difference between deep water and shallow water.
  • How to create mood and atmosphere in your stormy sky and sunset paintings



*. please abide by the parking rules I have emailed to you - no parking on the street or on neighbours verges

*. Car pool where you can

*. walk - bike to the workshop if you are local

*. please ensure you are quiet whilst arriving and leaving

*. please respect all the neighbours in the local vicinity