Do I need experience to attend your classes?  I am always asked this question and no you do not need any experience at all.  My classes are designed so you can follow me step by step and pastels are so forgiving and wonderful to work with.  Once you have confidence I will encourage you to play with colour and experiment on your own.

What benefits will I get from painting ?  Learning a new skill is always a bit daunting but my classes are filled with laughter and there is no pressure, everyone works at their own pace.  Once you get over your fear and learn to relax the possibilities are endless - I will show you how to capture light and shade in your work, when to blend and what colours to use.  Before you know it you will have a full pastel box and be looking at the world through an artist's eye.  The social aspects are great too, many friendships are formed in my classes and everyone is helpful and supportive.

How will I know what to paint?  That is easy, each week I bring a folder full of images and you get to choose your own image and if you prefer bring something from home to paint.

Do I need to bring anything to class? For the pastels I provide all the easels and tape, you will need to bring some pastels and paper can be purchased on the day at the shop.  If you don't have your own pastels you can use mine for a fee of $10 per class.  Also it pays to bring some baby wipes to clean your hands as we all end up looking like pastel warriors at the end of the day with it all over our faces!  For the acrylics there is a material list - contact me annsteerart@hotmail.com for this.