Ann Steer Art

Tranquility Silk Scarf


Stunning silk blend scarf created for you from fine artworks by Ann Steer.  This scarf begins as a hand painted artwork and is finished with loving attention to detail.

Perfect Gift as it comes with a special gift box with a note about the artist.

Inspired by the beautiful colours of the ocean this Tranquility scarf has a luxurious luminous look that will compliment any outfit.


Fabric: Soft silk blend

High end, luxurious, soft, delicate, flows beautifully, has a sheen to it.  Scarf print is one sided, the opposite side is just a little paler.

Measurement:  110 x 110 cm

Care:  This is a special scarf made from delicate soft material, please treat it accordingly:

- if you wish to hand wash, immerse the garment and gently rinse

- do not soak or rub

- lay flat to dry in shade