Ann Steer Art Gallery

Workshop in Fiji - March 2018


The workshop in Fiji was a great success.  

There was a group of 5 painters that attended, we managed to get out and about on location.  We spent one day in the studio and one day out and about.  We painted beautiful scenes under majestic trees, tackled boats in the harbour, water and reef and rocks not to mention the amazing mountain forever on the horizon.  We had to understand how fast the landscape changed, the lighting, the clouds and the colours of the sea.  We had to learn to paint fast and try to capture the essence of the scenery rather than finish a painting in one sitting.  

The staff at the resort was very friendly and knew everyone by name.  We had day trips to a village and we were greeted by beautiful Fiji smiles and greeted with BULA!  we were presented with a Kava ceremony and dancing and singing.  We visited a natural waterfall and swam in the crisp water.  We visited a pearl farm and snorkeled viewing the giant clams.  We had lunches and dinners together as a group and we had lots and lots of laughs.  

It was a very memorable trip for me and I absolutely loved Fiji and hopefully will get to go back one day :) so stay tuned !